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    Eyelash Tinting

    At Skyview we use RefectoCil for all of our tinting treatments. The product is NOT tested on animals, and is a world leader in tinting, for over 70 years in over 65 countries.

    The tints last up to 6 weeks, during which period the eyelashes and eyebrows regrow and another application is necessary.


    Tinting the eyelashes provides a more vivid appearance, especially when waking in the morning. It is also beneficial because the daily application of mascara is not necessary. It is particularly helpful for contact users, as particles of mascara can irritate the eye.

    Sports enthusiasts are fond of the tinting as is it water resistant, and does not smear or run.


    Eyebrow Tinting


    Tinting of the brows not only frames the eye, but also provides a more youthful look when tinting white or grey hairs. Brow tinting is particularly popular with blondes, as it can achieve a more defined look with a suitable colour.


    Is tinting just for women?

    Absolutely not! While colouring of hair, lashes, and brows have been dominated by women, men are paying more attention to their appearance & personal care. They are discovering the incomparable advantages of eyelash & eyebrow tinting to emphasize their eyes, while maintaining a natural look.

    Eye Rejuvenation Treatment

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