• Skyview Medi-Spa

    Skyview Medi-Spa Treatments Offer Comfort, Luxury & Care

    Let the stresses of life slip away from you and take charge of your future well-being.

    The philosophy of Skyview Medi-Spa is to create an atmosphere where you will feel at total ease. From our warm and gracious front reception to unsurpassed customer service and treatment satisfaction, we grant you the opportunity to seek total balance in mind, body and spirit.

    We welcome you to experience all the comfort and professionalism you deserve.

  • Skyview Expertise & Leading Edge Technology

    Skyview Medi-Spa is committed to providing our clients with the utmost respect and attention. From the moment you enter from the greeting to the time you are seen by one of our experienced technicians, your stay at Skyview will be one of joy, comfort and delight. It is our primary goal to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your experience at the spa. We sincerely understand the value in the time you are taking for yourself, and we appreciate you choosing our facility to enhance your sense of well-being.

  • The Skyview Service Philosophy

    The Skyview Medi-Spa staff has over 50 years’ experience between them. The balanced team is dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest techniques and levels of hygiene available on the market. You can rest assured that the quality of service will be second to none.

    We welcome you to join us for a complimentary consultation in our private confidential setting. We look forward to building a long-standing relationship with our clients. So please, come experience Skyview Medi-Spa’s ultimate service.

  • What Is a Medical Spa?

    A medical spa, or medi-spa, is able to treat specific skin concerns and conditions that relaxation spas are not equipped to deal with. A medical spa has medical professionals on staff that include physicians, nurses and medical aestheticians to perform treatments.  A medical spa has medical-grade equipment to perform these treatments and pharmaceutical-grade skin care products that have higher-potency active ingredients than those found at a drug store or relaxation spa.

  • What’s the Difference Between a Medical Spa and a Regular Spa?

    A regular spa offers services that are relaxing or aesthetic, such as massage and manicures, and Skyview offers these services as well.  However, Skyview is also a medical spa, which means we have medical professionals on staff, medical equipment on site and pharmaceutical-grade skin care products to address specific skin conditions and concerns.  As a medi-spa Skyview can treat skin conditions such as acne and toe fungus that a regular spa cannot address.

  • Which Spa Type Is Better for Me?

    Your choice of spa depends on whether you are looking for aesthetic and relaxation services or medical treatments for a specific condition.  At Skyview you can receive all of these services in one place.

  • Can Spa Therapies Be Used as Anti-Aging Treatments?

    There are anti-aging properties to some of the ingredients used in some spa treatments that would assist in anti-aging, but medical treatments, such as those performed at Skyview Medi-Spa, have better results for anti-aging.

  • Can I File Medical Spa Costs as a Medical Expense When I Do My Taxes?

    Yes, medical treatments performed at a medi-spa such as Skyview are tax deductible.

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  • Nobody likes to cancel, but…

    We maintain a strict 48-hour cancellation policy at Skyview MediSpa. Reservations that are cancelled less than 48 hrs prior to treatments will be subject to a cancellation fee.
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