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    What Is Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction?

    Often referred to as TMJ, temporomandibular joint dysfunction is a bite issue. It can mimic other problems such as headaches, earaches, ringing ears, popping jaw joints and tooth pain. Many patients will make the rounds of doctors looking for answers, only to be told that nothing is wrong. If you have teeth that are badly worn or misaligned, or if you suffer with symptoms like headaches, jaw muscle pain, ringing ears or cracking joints, you may have a bite problem.

    Many people have problems with their bite. Bad bites can occur by nature, by trauma or by localized dental work or orthodontics that may have straightened the teeth but not necessarily calmed the joints and muscles.

  • How Can I Correct this Problem?

    Modern dentistry has developed technology that makes it possible to fix someone’s bite with physiologic precision. At Skyview, we are able to resolve these issues safely, without surgery or pain, as the treatments are done gradually.

    What Makes the Skyview TMJ Treatment So Effective?

    At Skyview we have the technology and expertise to fix someone’s bite with physiologic precision. Muscle scanning, electronic muscle and nerve relaxation and jaw tracking can be done to put the jaw where nature always intended it to be. Then, we make the teeth fit that proper bite and simultaneously provide an aesthetic smile makeover – solving two big problems at once.

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