• Under Armour Mouth Wear


    Under Armour Mouth Wear Technology, the technological wonder that is making big news by enabling star athletes to perform at unprecedented levels, is now being offered at Skyview Dental with Dr. Ramzi Haddad, a neuromuscular dentist.

    Under Armour Performance Mouth Guard

    From NFL football players to professional triathletes to Olympic competitors, Bite Tech products are proving to be vital for better training and more successful competition. The stakes are high, the stage is monumental and Bite Tech mouthpieces are delivering.

    How Armourbite™ Works:

    Prevents teeth from clenching, pivots your jaw forward and relieves pressure so your body can unleash its full potential. You become faster, stronger and better.

    Under Armour Mouth Piece

    Offers ultimate performance for non-contact sports such as golf, running, etc. Helps you train harder and compete at a higher level. For further information and to select the right mouth guard for you please contact us.

    Sports Mouth Guards

    These are specialized mouth guards for full contact sports. The sports guard will protect your teeth and reduce the chance of concussion. A mouth guard is essential for protecting your teeth when playing a sport.

    Night Guard (Bite Guard)

    Night mouth guards are bite pads that are supposed to be worn at night as you sleep. There are also mouth guards for day use, though. These guards are usually made of high-grade plastic and should fit the teeth or mouth perfectly. This device keeps the upper teeth from grinding with the lower teeth, offering an instant solution to teeth clenching problems.

    Teeth grinding can occur in both children and adults. It is very important not to ignore this health condition.

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