• Dental Veneers

    Porcelain Dental Veneers for a Beautifully Natural Look

    Porcelain dental veneers offer an aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking smile that is unsurpassed by other restorative options. These strong and long-lasting restorations are ultra-thin shells of porcelain which are permanently bonded to the front of your teeth and are highly resistant to coffee, tea and even cigarette stains.


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  • Why Skyview Dental Veneers Will Give You the Smile You’ve Always Dreamed About

    Each dental veneer is custom made to give you the appearance you desire. At Skyview Dental we take the time to consult with you, offering our best advice and expertise to achieve the result you want. Dental veneers allow us to shape and lengthen teeth, if necessary, to not only provide a vibrant smile but also create a long-lasting, better appearance.

    At Skyview Dental you’ll never feel rushed to make a decision. We understand this is an important decision. To help you make the right decision, here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

  • Will the Final Result Look Natural?

    The colour and transparency of veneers can be exactly matched to the appearance you want to achieve and they look completely natural.  The dental veneers themselves are incredibly strong and they won’t weaken your existing tooth structure.

  • What Is Involved in the Actual Process?

    There is very little preparation required for the installation of veneers.  Your teeth are prepared and impressions are taken of those teeth that will be receiving veneers.  Temporary veneers are applied to your teeth while your permanent veneers are crafted, a process that takes about two weeks.  When they are ready the permanent veneers are applied using a special compound that is incredibly strong and resilient.

  • How Can I Be Sure Skyview Cosmetic Dental Is the Right Choice For Me?

    Skyview Dental has extensive experience in the application of veneers and we invite you to look at our gallery of before and after images of our work.  Your experience at Skyview is always relaxed and comfortable and the result is a stunning smile you will be proud of.

  • What Are Some Issues I Need to Be Aware of Before Having the Treatment?

    While dental veneers are incredibly strong, they should be given special care.  Veneers are also not for everyone.  If you grind your teeth or have a severe bite issue, there are other treatments that you should consider rather than dental veneers.  As is the case with natural teeth, veneers must receive proper and consistent home cleaning to maintain their appearance.  And, like natural teeth, you should not use dental veneers to bite things like fingernails or to tear open packages.

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