• Bad Breath & Gum Disease


    The Oravital® System

    Gingivitis and periodontitis are oral infections that may affect 75% of adults and kids. These and other oral infections can affect your overall health.

    Bacteria commonly found in the mouth grow and multiply until the chemicals that they produce begin to destroy the tissues around the teeth. Initially there is bleeding and inflammation. If not controlled, this destruction continues until the small threads or ligaments that hold each tooth in place become weak or broken – resulting in periodontal pockets and recession of the gums around the infected teeth.

    Skyview combats bad breath and gum disease with The Oravital® System. It is completely safe, easy, non-invasive, and highly effective in the treatment of periodontal disease and bad breath.

    When you visit Skyview, we will examine your mouth for any visible dental problems and ask about your medical history to determine if you have any conditions or risk factors that could contribute to gum disease and/or breath odour. Next, we will perform a screening that will indicate if there are harmful microorganisms in your mouth that are causing gum and/or breath problems. If there are the dentist will recommend an Oravital® antiseptic or antibiotic rinse that is specifically targeted to killing the germs causing your infection.

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